I was introduced to GNLD in 1981 (known then simply as Neo-Life), while taking my first daughter to infant swim lessons in the SF Bay area. After realizing the profound benefits of Formula IV multi-vitamins, I wanted to know everything about the company and products, and after that, I became a Distributor, Manager, Senior Manager, and Director.

In the beginning, my motivation was not to make a true business of being a Distributor, as I had a successful career with a well-known, national client in the advertising industry, as well as a passion for fine-art photography — something I taught myself beginning at age 12.

As a young kid, I grew to be concerned with my own health, and as soon as I was able to swallow pills whole, I began taking the old One-a-Day® vitamins. In my 20s, I was introduced to Neo-Life and GNLD. Every product I tried continued to impress me … and I’m not easily impressed.

Imagine taking a “multi-vitamin” (GNLD’s Formula IV®) and within a few hours after your first morning taking them, you can actually feel the vitamins at work. Something I never felt with any other brand of vitamin.

So, all throughout my life, when I’ve come across a product that makes me stop and take notice, and after doing a bit of homework I conclude that the product is truly unique, of excellent value, excellent quality — all-and-all, just simply excellent — I’ve always wanted to share my new discovery with those close to me, so they, too, may reap the benefits and enjoy the value of a truly unique product they may have other wise missed. And what could be more important than a product offering the potential of having a great impact on your long-term health?

As a person who’s somewhat cursed with a very analytical mind, I do not recommend anything lightly — it must truly rise above. As an entire product line, GNLD Neo-Life not only accomplishes it, but truly surpasses that goal.

In many ways, I’m still driven by sharing what I know about a truly excellent product line — GNLD Neo-Life. The most effective way to spread the word, in my mind, is by helping to make it just a bit more affordable. As examples …

1) pays your state sales tax — we do not avoid paying them by the laws on interstate sales, specifically “no tax without representation.” We actually pay each and every state’s required sales tax. When you would almost always — especially when bought locally — be charged sales tax on your purchase (often an additional 5% to 9%) your state still gets that revenue, but not from your pocket.

2) provides free shipping with a minimum Neo-Life order, even when we do not qualify for free shipping on that same order … not even a discount. Your shipping costs are paid-in-full by Even though we provide free shipping on your order to you, still pays your shipping charges in full from the warehouse.

3) I offer three additional options to save even more … much more. From joining Neo-Life’s opt-in Newsletter for monthly savings, becoming a full GNLD distributor, or becoming a member of the Neo-Life Club.

So, pays ALL your required state sales tax, pays ALL your shipping charges (on qualifying orders), and provides additional ways to save even more by joining one of our programs. We’ve considered simply sending money out to our customers, but that idea still needs a little fleshing out … we’ll get back to you on that.

Your order is usually on its way to you within one-to-two business days, and the freshest product is delivered to your door — no driving cross-town required.

“Is there any real reason to take health supplements?
I did once, and I didn’t feel any different.
I may have lost some weight,
but I still couldn’t see the scale to be sure.”

“No … well, maybe once. I think I heard there could be a benefit. But heck, how would I ever know? If the office slugs find out, they may make fun of me. And we’re all in the lunchroom, what if one of them asks me why? What would I say? They’ll just laugh at me. Tell me I’m wasting my money. You know, why am I thinking like this?

It’ll just draw attention to me, and then they’ll just continue to make fun of me. I think I’ll stay on the easy road, not do anything out of the norm, and avoid drawing attention to myself. Hey, and for the price of those vitamins, I can get a bunch of cigarettes. What the heck was I thinking?!”

I’m no expert, so I can only speak for myself. In general, I believe the majority of those who share the planet with us show very little respect to this incredibly-complex, and extremely-fragile, humanoid-housing we’re assigned. We are each allocated just one.

Some people think doctors are god-like, and if something happens to malfunction in our housings, there’s always a medical doctor nearby with a fresh roll of duct tape.

“Well, that’s taken care of — anyone got a cigarette I can bumm?”

In my opinion, there are countless reasons.
And this could easily be the most important.

I truly believe that Neo-Life and GNLD products have had a huge impact on my life for the past 30 years. I’ve always been lean, maintained an active lifestyle, continuing into my 50s with such activities as bicycling racing, motorcycling and skating.

I’ve never smoked, been the lightest drinker, and I’ve always been told I have a strong heart and good lungs. So, yes I do believe that my regimen of health supplements, specifically and only GNLD, have had a huge impact on my health.

I should be dead.

Potentially, the most pronounced impact occurred at the end of 2001. Unexpectedly, I found myself lying in a hospital emergency room bed, tubes running everywhere, computer displays surrounding my bed, constant beeps and lots of activity.

I was told by two specialists, very candidly, that my chances of seeing the sunrise were slim. Considering how I felt, and the seriousness of everything around me, I had mentally prepared for my last night. The toughest task at hand was to call my adult daughter.

One can never be prepared for a phone call to an adult child in such a situation. Even though I never mentioned to her the true seriousness of my condition, I spent the entire call consoling her, as she sobbed and begged me not to die. It was as if she read my mind. Somehow I held it together, so I could help her hold it together. My treatment continued for 120 days.

Months later, while still receiving treatment, both my doctors — each a specialist in a different field — individually confided in me that they were shocked I had made it through that first night.

Medical statistics indicate that I should not have seen the following sunrise — frankly, I should not have seen the previous sunrise. Facts indicated that the majority of similar patients, even those in better shape that I, would have already been gone.

One thing to remember is that consistency is vital.

I had been infected with MRSA (MER-sa) — a bacteria that kills more than HIV, breast cancer, and traffic fatalities combined.

Any other support for your health supplement claims?

Can you be positive that your vitamin regimen had a direct impact on your brush with death?
“No. The doctors could offer no explanations or theories, either.”

Do you believe that your brush with death would have had a different outcome if you had not been on your vitamin regimen?
Yes! In my mind, without a doubt.

Additional support — sibling comparison: I have three siblings, all within just over five years of each other (mid to late 50s, I’m in the middle). I was the only one of the four who had any interest in my own health from an early age. I always stayed active, but more for leisurely purposes — other than pre-high school, I did not play on team sports, nor was I ever fanatical about working out.

How do we compare today? Of my two older sisters and one younger brother, I am the only one who has never been overweight. All three of them are overweight now, and have been for years. Additionally, all three have diabetes. One has severe juvenile diabetes, the other two do not require daily injections.

I am not even considered at-risk for diabetes. When virtually anyone guesses our ages, mine is often estimated to be about 10-years younger.

I hope that helps.

Thank you for your time, orders and on-going support.

You will always get the freshest product from Neo-Life … Guaranteed.

Lar Matré
Director, GNLD